Repetition and discovery are the guiding forces. The repetition that generates from my practice is indirect, fragmented and contradictory, breakdown and reinforcement, echo and decay.

I am fascinated by our confounding inability to describe the raw visual experience. What are we seeing when we really think about it and how did we miss it before?

My work is material oriented, often blurring the line between painting, sculpture and installation. What interests me is the certainty with which we casually engage with the world. Our overconfidence in regard to how structures work, and even what a thing is, generally go unchallenged; we exist within a comfortable system of signifiers that trigger comfortable explanations and definitions. When events or insights occur that put our preconceived ideas into question it can be jarring and even terrifying and can lead one down a slippery slope of no longer feeling anchored to reality. By using abstraction, figuration, new media and spatially substantial constructions, I hope to create an uncanny feeling of disorientation.