Repetition Is Change, Ecstatic/Restrained

HAIRandNAILS Contemporary Art, MPLS / 4.22.17 – 5.25.17.              This exhibition of new work takes place in a time when the suspect nature of truth itself seems to have moved from the pages of some dense, deconstructionist philosophy book and landed on our screens for all to see clearly. At this political moment everything exists within this frame and art, and this show, are no exception. Many of the themes and strategies I am interested in take root in this idea and are on full display in “Repetition is Change, Ecstatic:::Restrained”.   How can a rectangle be the field of play and not be played out in 2017? I’m thinking of the three dimensionality of these objects and I’m thinking of these objects relative to each other, and the room, and you.

RYAN FONTAINE — REPETITION IS CHANGE:::ECSTATIC/RESTRAINED  How does the confluence of elements, even in their starkness and simplicity, combine with other elements to create a depth of experience more than the sum of its parts and dependent on what the viewer brings to it as well?       I like the rectangle, but in letting it go I still call myself a painter. This is painting as sculpture and painting as installation. There’s something powerful in mistaking an object, a thing, for something else, and the shock of recognizing that mistake. That sudden strange realization of the fallacy of perception is what I am endlessly chasing.                      

By Ryan Fontaine